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Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Francis Baker House Gate Pendant

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Our exclusive, in-house-designed Charleston D/C Ironwork Jewelry Collection is modeled after actual gates found in the Holy City. Each carefully crafted gate comes boxed with a collection card and truly allows you to Take Home a Piece of Charleston®


Metal: Sterling Silver



Medium: 26mm



Gate Location: 77 King Street

This two-building property at 77 King Street was built in 1747 by Captain Francis Baker, a merchant based in Charleston. Only a short stroll from his ships on East Bay Street, Baker’s primary residence was located in the back of the property, while a separate, street-facing building served as his shop to trade his wares. The 1700’s were considered the Golden Age of Piracy, so there’s no doubt that Captain Francis Baker had his share of run-ins with pirates both at sea, and in his home port of Charleston.