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Jewelry is meant to be worn and we think you should be wearing the things you bought from Gold Creations 24/7! To keep your jewelry looking its best we recommend that a few times each year you take a minute to do some cleaning and polishing, as well as to inspect for any normal wear and tear. Keep an eye out for worn bracelet links, loose stones, and pay special attention to the clasp components on bracelets and chains. If you have any jewelry care questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.




All of our Sterling Silver jewelry is marked 925, and guaranteed to be just that, true Sterling Silver. Sterling Silver is resistant to tarnish, but it can tarnish (oxidize) over time. Sterling Silver can always be cleaned up and will never "turn." The best way to keep your Silver jewelry tarnish-free is simply to wear it often! The natural oils from your skin will help to keep your Silver looking shiny and resist tarnish. When not wearing your Silver jewelry, we recommend storing it in a small airtight bag or container. Also avoid wearing Sterling Silver in chlorinated pools as these chemicals can be hard on the Silver. Feel free to clean with a polishing cloth or your favorite jewelry cleaning product, making sure to follow the instructions on the label carefully.




As our name implies, we are all about GOLD! We carry a vast selection of fine jewelry made of 14k Yellow, White, and Rose Gold. We mainly sell 14 Karat Gold, the American standard, because it is durable yet still has the sought after yellow color that we love. A higher karat Gold will be softer and more prone to scratching. No matter the karat count, to care for your Gold jewelry use a Gold cleaning product like our Miss Vicki's Jewelry Foam or Pen. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions on the label and wipe your jewelry down with a polishing cloth before storing in a bag or pouch, away from other jewelry that could scratch the finish.




Gold filled jewelry is an excellent alternative to 14k Gold jewelry at a lower price point. Gold filled jewelry is made with a sheet of gold that is bonded on top of the base metal, typically jeweler's brass. Unlike gold plated jewelry, Gold Filled is not dipped and the color will not wear off. All of our Gold Filled jewelry is 14k Gold Filled, so the color matches that of other 14k Solid Gold jewelry. Gold Filled jewelry will not tarnish or turn, so you can wear it 24/7, and feel comfortable knowing that your jewelry will hold up!




At Gold Creations, we like to keep our jewelry clean and looking its best, so we searched for the perfect cleaning products to suit our needs. Our founder, “Miss Vicki” Wolfe mentioned a foam cleaner and pen that she likes to use, and we were able to connect with a wonderful company that makes them! We are proud to offer you “Miss Vicki’s Secret Special Jewelry Cleaner,” made by Lavish Jewelry Cleaner. Additionally, we offer “Miss Vicki’s Cleaning Pen” for use on precious stones which is perfect for traveling.




Once you have your own bottle of Miss Vicki’s Secret Special Jewelry Cleaner, be sure to try Miss Vicki's favorite method for cleaning your rings. After getting ready, head over to the sink with your rings and begin by closing the drain - just in case you drop anything! With your rings still on, turn them so that the gemstones are facing your palms, and apply some foam to them. Using the provided brush, gently scrub around the stones and in any small crevices, making sure to get under the stones the best you can. Then, gently rinse your jewelry with your palms still facing up, making sure to check for any loose or missing stones. The foam cleaner is gentle enough that it has never bothered Miss Vicki’s hands, however if you prefer, you can simply let your jewelry soak in a small dish for 20 to 30 seconds, and wear gloves to avoid contact with your skin.