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18K Yellow 18.50ct Oval Malachite Filigree Ring Sizez 8

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18K Yellow Gold Malachite Filigree Ring


Stones: (1) Oval Cabochon Cut Malachite weighing 18.5 Carats


Size: 8 Sizable


Not Reorderable


Malachite is a vivid copper carbonate mineral known for its many shades of green displayed in captivating color banding and spiraling patterns.


While it was first officially classified as a gem in 1747, malachite has been around for thousands of years. It was used as a source of copper for centuries, but not as much anymore. Malachite is an opaque mineral made up of carbon, copper, and hydroxide. Copper makes up the majority of its chemical structure, about 58%. Because it’s so prominent in copper deposits, it’s called the “prospecting guide” as miners often look for it to know where they should dig deeper for copper.