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14KY Large Heritage Bracelet

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ITEM#: GCB005457

Gold Creations' Heritage Bracelet is all about family. As a family-owned business, we are proud of where we come from, and like to show it! The best way (besides family gatherings) to stay close with your family, is to bring them with you, on your wrist!

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  • Our Family Heritage Bracelet allows you to display your loved ones in 14K gold, jingling wherever life takes you. You are sure to get lots of compliments on your Heritage Bracelet, and who loves anything more than to talk about their wonderful children! If you are newly married, you can always start with just the disc and add to the bracelet as life events happen!
  • All Heritage Bracelets come with the same font - classic monogram script on the front, and block lettering for the date on the back, with dashes between numbers. If you would like to customize anything further, please give us a call and we can place the order over the phone. 
  • The round disc represents both parents, and the initials typically go in the order of: mother's first name > last name > father's first name. (Example Andrea and Jonathan Brown = ABJ) The wedding anniversary date is engraved on the back. 
  • Each head represents your children. Please enter their initials in the order of (First name, last name, middle name) and their birthdates will be in the format of (mm-dd-yyyy).
  • The prices include the engraving, and the charms will be soldered to the bracelet, spaced out evenly, and in the order of the dates.
  • We will contact you within a few days of placing the order to verify the monograms and dates before having our jeweler begin working on them.
    • Please allow up to 8 weeks for completion, and rushing is not available. We will have your bracelet ready as quickly as possible, but excellence takes time!