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Sterling Silver South Sea & Pink Freshwater Graduated Pearl Necklace 16"

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ITEM#: 00004497

Gold Creations has been providing fine jewelry for every occasion since 1975. Take home a piece of Charleston® today!

16" Necklace with 9-16mm Graduated Pink Freshwater Pearls with 2 11-12mm Golden South Sea Pearls 

Golden South Sea pearls, mainly found in the South Pacific waters south of the Philippines, from the golden-lipped oyster (another variety of Pinctada maxima).
South Sea pearls are mainly available in white and gold, and are usually bigger than other types of pearls. Due to the long growth cycle and low production, South Sea pearls are very expensive.
South Sea pearls are usually harvested from the sea, which is a limited resource. The search for a perfect South Sea pearl, like the pursuit of a dream, requires a lot of hard work.