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U.S. Shipments (does not include Hawaii or Alaska)
Sorry, shipments cannot be made to P.O. Boxes, APO's or FPO's.

All orders placed will be processed and shipped within 5 - 7 business days once credit card authorization and verification have been obtained. All customers will receive a confirmation email with tracking information when the order has shipped.

If you have any questions about shipping or wish to select another shipping method please email us or call 843-577-4862.

Return Policy

All items purchased from Gold Creations are eligible for refunds within 14 days of the purchase date with the presence of original receipt. The original receipt is not required if your information was entered into our system at the time of sale. It is the customer’s responsibility to keep records of their original receipt if they choose not to be entered into our system at the time of the sale. If your information is not in our system and you are not in possession of the original receipt, we cannot refund your purchase, but we can offer you an exchange or store credit as long as the item passes our inspection. Items are eligible for exchange or store credit for up to 60 days after the purchase date.

Any item(s) to be returned or exchanged must be in new, unworn condition, and are subject to inspection by Gold Creations upon receipt. If the new item you choose for the exchange is of lesser value than the original purchase, the difference will be added to a gift card which will serve as store credit. Store credit is valid indefinitely. If the item you choose for the exchange is of greater value than the original purchase, you will be responsible for the difference. Payment in full is required before the exchange is finalized.

All customized pieces of jewelry are nonrefundable and not eligible for exchanges unless the item is received damaged, engraved improperly, or customized incorrectly. Customized jewelry includes any jewelry that is engraved, sized, or altered in any way that differentiates it from its original condition. The customer agrees to sign our customization agreement prior to purchasing any customized piece, so that both parties agree in writing on the work being performed. For more information, please see our customization agreement (here - link to page).

Returns and Exchanges of Gifts

Gift receipts are not required to return or exchange items purchased as gifts as long as these items pass condition inspection. The shipping costs will be subtracted from the cost of the item for refunds for these items. Customers may exchange items purchased as gifts for store credit or another item of equal value.

How to Make a Return

To make a return in store, bring the unused and unworn item to the store with your receipt and original packaging, and a sales associate will help you with your return. To make a return by mail, please contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 843-577-4862 prior to shipping the piece to us.

Shipping Costs for Returns

The item may be eligible for free shipping depending upon the item and its warranty. All of our jewelry is subject to our Jewelry Warranty Policy. You can find more information about our warranty (here - link to page). Shipping for returns of defective and incorrectly customized jewelry will be free. Shipping will be the responsibility of the customer for all other returns or exchanges. Send all returns to Gold Creations, 74 S Market Street, Charleston, SC, 29401. Please include your name and contact information inside of the package. We recommend that you use a trackable shipping method such as Priority Mail, Fedex, or UPS as we cannot guarantee receipt of your return without tracking information.


Once the item(s) have been received by Gold Creations, we will review and inspect them. We will contact you by phone to verify and complete the return, and you may be required to read us your credit card number. It may take a few days for the refunded amount to show up in your account, and may take up to 30 days to show on your statement. Refunds for damaged or incorrectly customized items will include shipping and handling if applicable. All other refunds will have the original shipping deducted from the refunded amount.

Product Care

Fine jewelry can be enjoyed for years or even generations if it is cared for and maintained properly. Keep a close eye on your pieces, look for loose stones, worn links, or bent prongs. If you notice anything that needs repair, feel free to contact us to have it inspected and repaired. Having a professional jeweler inspect your collection regularly is the best way to ensure it will last for generations.

At Gold Creations, we have used Connoisseurs jewelry cleaning supplies for decades. We have always been impressed with the quality or performance of their products. Connoisseurs, a name well known in the jewelry industry, is based in Woburn, Massachusetts. They make all of their products at a state of the art facility. We use their Sterling Silver Jewelry Cleaner and Connoisseurs Precious Jewelry Cleaner in our store daily.

Try their treated polishing cloths on the go. Connoisseurs is sold at Target, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Amazon. Always be careful to read the instructions thoroughly before using any product on your jewelry. When jewelry is exposed to salty air, air pollutants, dust, perspiration, or perfumes, it can become dull or lose its natural luster. Let your jewelry be the last thing you put on, after hair care products, lotions, or perfumes. After wearing your pieces, it is a good idea to wipe them down with a cloth to remove any unwanted residue.

Sterling Silver Jewelry
Sterling silver tarnishes when in the presence of anything containing sulfur such as, rubber, perspiration, leather, chlorine, and salt air. These elements cannot be avoided so make sure to maintenance your jewelry as needed. Wearing sterling silver pieces often can help reduce the need for cleaning and polishing; the longer it sits the more it will tarnish. After wearing, wipe the jewelry with a cleaning cloth or plain cloth to remove unwanted residue. When it comes to oxidized sterling silver jewelry, be careful not to over clean or polish the piece. An oxidized finish is the blackening of ornamentation and crevices of the piece to enhance the details. The dark color will come off if you work it too much. Remember after cleaning, let your jewelry lay on a towel until completely dry. Always store your jewelry in a dry, low humidity place.

Gold Jewelry
At Gold Creations, we carry fine jewelry made of 14k yellow and white gold. Gold Jewelry can show wear and must be cleaned or repaired occasionally. Watch for loose stones, damaged prongs, and broken clasps that will need to be brought in for professional repair. Store your fine jewelry in protective box or case, and always store when totally dry. Cleaning with a liquid cleaner at home on a regular basis will help keep your pieces brilliant and bright. Using a rouge cloth to polish and shine is also an easy way to keep your collection at its best.

In order to retain pearls’ luster and beauty, always store your pearls away from other pieces like in a pouch or box. Use a cloth bag, do not seal in plastic bags as pearls need humidity to keep their shine and avoid dry cracking. Put on your pearl pieces last, avoiding cosmetics and keep them away from skin care products. Try to remove them before exercise to avoid perspiration, then always wipe them with a damp cloth. Do not clean pearls with any liquid cleaner because it will ruin them. They can be cleaned with warm water and a little diluted dish soap then dried thoroughly with a cloth. Store once the pearls are totally dry. For sterling or gold details like clasps or monograms, you can use a rouge cloth to shine. Lastly, pearls need repairs from time to time so be sure to watch for stretched strands, loose pearl fixtures, and broken clasps. Pearl jewelry can be restrung by hand professionally as needed.

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